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Moiré Dream Duvet – black – 140 x 200


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Moiré patterns are not really there, they are an optical illusion created in the image in your eye. A slight motion of one of the objects creates large-scale changes in the moiré pattern. These patterns can be used to demonstrate wave interference, but also the illusion of a three-dimensional depth in the relationship between human, object, and motion.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

The word moiré is French (from the past participle of the verb moirer, meaning to water). The watery surface oft SCHMITD’s Duvets corresponds with the ancient idea that dreaming is floating in an unknown space. Also the SCHMITD’s Objects remind us of the displays and screen we are sourrounded by the whole day. By Breathing and Dreaming under this „Displays“ you create Images while Sleeping.

This one-of-a-kind Moiré duvet is made and assembled from different dead-stock-fabrics from schmidttakahahashi archive.

  • The front part contains 2 parts of organic cotton and the middle part made from a double layer of soft durable mesh
  • Back part are made from 100% organic cotton
  • Button closure
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Size 140 x 200 

All wear, mending and idiosyncrasies are unique to the custom textile.