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Just Schmitd Cavalli – Leather Midi Skirt Suit


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This one-of-a-kind soft Leather Skirt Suit came from the gorgeous brand Just Cavalli and was recreated in our studio. Leopard prints patchwork assembled around the body.


The classic 90-ies long jacket has a deep cutout closed with one button. Two frontal pockets, and fine dark-grey lining.

The Midi-skirt in a soft goatskin with big patches of Leo-prints, zipper and button closure on the back.

  • 100 % soft pre-used dry-cleaned goatskin
  • Lining 100% Viscose
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • One size Medium for women or 38

All wear, mending and idiosyncrasies are unique to the custom textile.


The word crochet is derived from the Old French crochet, a diminutive of croche, in turn from the Germanic croc, both meaning „hook“. It was used in 17th-century French lace-making, where the term crochetage designated a stitch used to join separate pieces of lace. The word crochet subsequently came to describe both the specific type of textile, and the hooked needle used to produce it.

The key difference between crochet and knitting, beyond the implements used for their production, is that each stitch in crochet is completed before the next one is begun, while knitting keeps many stitches open at a time.


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